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Yoga Therapy is focused on the individual, providing one-on-one therapy to heal or recover, and to support those with lifelong conditions or in need of long-term therapy. Gentle, therapeutic yoga is a means to create positive change not only in the physical body, but by improving overall quality of life and mental wellbeing. Yoga Therapy is offered in Bloomington Indiana and Indianapolis for therapeutic rehabilitation and disability, managing chronic pain, cancer recoveryas well as NeuroSupportive Yoga Therapy for neurological conditions such as multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's, or conditions with neurological involvement such as Ehlers-Danlos and lupus.

As an experienced C-IAYT yoga therapist we provide yoga therapy under the comprehensive standards set by the International Association of Yoga Therapists, respecting the traditions of Hatha yoga while integrating them into customized yoga therapy programs. Yoga is wonderfully versatile and adaptable: Its effects may be readily appreciated whether able, less able, or confined to a wheelchair or bed. To learn more about yoga as a therapy and support for life-challenges, please contact us.

NeuroSupportive Yoga Therapy™ is uniquely suited as a form of long-term, sustainable therapy for neurological conditions and movement disorders due to its potential for focusing less on a specific symptom or condition than on the overall person. Although the benefits of yoga may be experienced differently by each person, studies reflect yoga therapy’s effectiveness in managing pain, fatigue, depression, and in improving gait, balance, proprioception and overall quality of life for those with multiple sclerosis and other neurological conditions.

Cancer creates a sense of separateness from the body, a loss of feeling whole. This is partly attributable to pain or the side-effects of treatment, but is also due to the overwhelming focus on the cancer process itself rather than the person. WellBeing Yoga Therapy for cancer and recovery is focused less on the physical body and more on restoring a relationship between the body and mind, increasing quality of life and providing a means of gentle, therapeutic self-care for those undergoing cancer treatment or in remission.

Second Nature Yoga Therapy is a simple equation for those who would like to move a little more and either find themselves unmotivated, or are hesitant due to chronic pain, injury, or fatigue, as well as those who wish to regain or retain a means of self-care and perhaps gradually shift toward a less sedentary lifestyle. Walking—because just about everyone can, to some degree. Yoga—because it offers a gentle, life-long means of self-care. Nature—because sunlight, trees, and natural beauty are good for the physical body and mind-body.

Food for Thought Yoga Therapy supports women of all ages who are challenged with disordered eating or recovering from an eating disorder. For some, food is not seen as a source of life-giving nourishment or form of sustenance; instead, it becomes an enemy. Yoga therapy with an experienced yoga therapist may be beneficial in reducing overall anxiety, laying a foundation for coping with stressors, and creating an outlook of compassion, rather than judgement or criticism, for oneself.

Individualized therapy and therapeutic programs are provided at the client's residence in Bloomington Indiana and surrounding areas, ensuring access to therapy for those who find movement challenging, are easily tired due to illness, or require in-home therapy due to injury or disability. We encourage and support our clients as individuals on a life continuum, providing therapy which is safe, beneficial, and appropriate to their current abilities and changing health circumstances.


We recognize that clients are more than a sum of their symptoms or diagnosis. Our clients receive personalized therapy and a person-centric outlook on health and healing including yoga therapy, comprehensive therapy programs, neurosupportive therapy, specialized bodywork and passive range of motion, nutritional guidance, as well as mentoring. Learn more about therapy options below, or view all therapies and descriptions.

Extended, thoughtful support, delving into unhelpful lifestyle habits or patterns of thinking and providing a compassionate, open space for discussion and reflection on subjects such as anxiety and stress, disordered eating, menopause, neurological conditions, cancer treatment and recovery. Mentoring sessions include yoga therapy which is appropriate for women, respecting their body, cycles, and life-stages. 

Comprehensive Therapy Programs are a long-term option for neurosupportive therapy, therapeutic rehabilitation, palliative care, cancer recovery or while in treatment, and chronic pain management. Rather than offering short-term therapy with little support or follow-up, we provide extended, personalized support over months or years, creating a client relationship that adapts and changes as needs change.

Compassionate, long-term support—improving overall quality of life and bringing awareness to daily activities, living, and perhaps even dying.  

Therapeutic Thai Bodywork considers the body as a whole rather than isolating an area for treatment, drawing upon the vast scope of traditional Thai medicine and therapies which include passive range of motion, neuromuscular therapy, acupressure, myofascial release, structural alignment and gentle joint mobilization. Thai bodywork is a versatile form of therapy for those with neurological conditions, partial paralysis, persistent pain, muscle atrophy, and reduced range of motion.


Clients remain comfortably clothed, reducing concerns with changing, draping, and application of oils or lotion.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to see food sources as natural healing sources, both for the body and mind? Whole Person Nutrition does just that: the whole person is nourished, not simply the body. Nutrition consultations range from balancing lifestyle and learning the basics of wholesome, healthful eating, to recognizing, understanding, and managing emotional  or disordered eating. 

Supportive options which may include nutrition therapy are Second Nature Yoga Therapy or Mindful Mentoring for Women.

Therapy for horse and human. If one shares ones life with a horse—or any animal—one is privileged. For clients with a neurological condition or disability who are seeking a stride in the right direction, both for themselves and their horses, Equine Assisted Therapy can be part of an individualized Comprehensive Therapy Program or Mindful Mentoring. 


This program requires a deep commitment, emphasizing compassion to bring about positive change and healing in horse and human. Sessions include manual therapy for your horse with an experienced equine therapist. 

Second Nature Yoga Therapy & NeuroSupportive Therapies in Bloomington Indiana and Indianapolis.