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Second Nature Yoga Therapy in Bloomington Indiana

Supporting Health & Healing

For Women

Yoga Therapy & NeuroSupport

Yoga for Therapy & NeuroSupportive Therapies in Bloomington IN - Indiana.

Specializing in Therapy for Neurological Conditions, 
Chronic Pain and Long-term Health Challenges.

Simple  Sensible  Sustainable 

We are committed to authenticity and quality—

providing in-depth, individualized therapies and support for women of all ages, 
and bringing the benefits of yoga therapy and compassion in health care to women
in Bloomington and 

Second Nature provides individualized therapy and therapeutic programs at the client's residence in Bloomington Indiana, Indianapolis and surrounding areas, ensuring access to therapy for those who find movement challenging, are easily tired due to illness, or require in-home therapy due to injury or disability. We encourage and support our clients as individuals on a life continuum, providing in-home therapy which is safe, beneficial, and appropriate to their current abilities and changing health circumstances. 


We recognize that women are more than a sum of their symptoms or diagnosis—they are also actively engaged in life and living. Our clients receive personalized care and a person-centric outlook on health and healing including individualized yoga therapy, comprehensive therapy programs, neurosupportive therapy, traditional Thai therapies, nutritional guidance, as well as mentoring and lifestyle therapy.

Second Nature Yoga Therapy is focused on the individual, providing one-on-one yoga therapy to heal or recover, and to support those with lifelong health conditions or in need of long-term therapy. The simple, common-sense, and sustainable approach of yoga as a therapy is a cornerstone for lifestyle therapy and improving overall quality of life—bringing positive change, stability, and healing to the physical body as well as the mind. Yoga Therapy is offered in Bloomington Indiana and the Indianapolis area for women living with a neurological condition such as multiple sclerosis or Parkinson's, managing chronic pain, undergoing cancer treatment or in recovery, and for therapeutic rehabilitation.

We respect and uphold the foundations of Hatha yoga while integrating them into customized yoga therapy programsAs a C-IAYT yoga therapist we provide yoga therapy under the comprehensive standards set by the International Association of Yoga Therapists.

Second Nature Yoga Therapy and NeuroSupportive Therapies in Bloomington IN and Indianapolis.

For over twenty years, our primary focus in Yoga Therapy has been a whole-person outlook on supporting those with neurological conditions. Yoga Therapy acknowledges the multifaceted aspects of a lifetime neurological condition such as multiple sclerosis, taking into consideration the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of wellbeing which affect quality of life and the capacity for resilience. Yoga for MySelf™ can help diffuse the effects of MS, both physically and mentally, particularly when approached in a moderate, mindful manner with the guidance of a yoga therapist.

March is MS Awareness Month. 
Learn more about Yoga Therapy as a gentle, sustainable approach to therapy for those with multiple sclerosis.

Yoga therapy benefits the individual with Parkinson's as a whole, providing a therapeutic intervention not only for the physiological manifestations of Parkinson's disease but also those which may affect the person at a deeper level such as depression or anxietyFor someone with early onset Parkinson's, gaining and retaining a simple, straightforward means of self-care such as yoga therapy is a resource which can be used anywhere—standing, sitting, or lying down—and over the long-term. In-home therapy sessions with calm, familiar surroundings put clients at ease, reducing anxiety as well as freezing episodes. 

April is Parkinson's Awareness Month. 
Learn more about Yoga Therapy as an alternative approach to therapy for those with Parkinson's.

Second Nature supports women in life and living through the practices (non-physical and physical) of yoga therapy and lifestyle therapy—emphasizing stability, self-reliance, and resilience during life-changes, health challenges, and through the various roles a woman may take up during the course of a lifetime. Mentoring and lifestyle therapy sessions provide yoga therapy which is appropriate for women—respecting their body, health circumstances and life-stages.

We offer individualized support, delving into unhelpful lifestyle habits or patterns of thinking and providing a compassionate, open space for discussion and reflection on subjects such as anxiety and stress, disordered eating, neurological conditions, cancer treatment and recovery. Second Nature Yoga Therapy for Women is sensitive to cultural customs as well as the need for a safe space, offering private yoga therapy sessions in your own home.

Second Nature Yoga Therapy - Yoga therapy for women in Bloomington Indiana.

second nature: an acquired, deeply ingrained habit, characteristic or skill—so deeply fixed as to seem part of a person's nature.

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