NeuroSupport Group

Bloomington NeuroSupport group / grupo de apoyo para mujeres hispanohablantes in Bloomington Indiana with neurological conditions such as MS, Parkinson's, ALS.

Grupo De Apoyo Para Mujeres 
Con Condiciones Neurológicas

Bloomington NeuroSupport Group for Women


The Bloomington NeuroSupport Group—Grupo De Apoyo Para Mujeres Con Condiciones Neurológicas en Bloomington—is open to mujeres hispanohablantes with a diagnosed neurological condition such as multiple sclerosis (MS), early or late onset Parkinson's (PD), and ALS—as well as conditions with neurological involvement such as Ehlers Danlos and lupus.


The NeuroSupport Group meets once per month in an accessibility-friendly location.

Supporting Women & Community


Supporting, laughing, crying, and dying with clients has given us a profound appreciation for women's resilience despite the ever-changing state we live in as human beings. We are equally respectful of the potential inner depth, strength, and solidity of the human spirit. A support group can be many things, but at its center must be a unanimous wish on the part of participants to provide compassion, empathy, and genuine support to their fellow Beings. Please come to support groups with an open mind and a flexible outlook on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.

It has been our privilege and focus as a practitioner to support those with neurological conditions for over twenty years. Rather than forming an MS support group, Parkinson's support group, ALS support group, or other specifically condition-based group, we have listened to suggestions and requests from women for a supportive group with a person-centric outlook, bringing mujeres hisponahablantes together with things in common—the sharing of experiences, ideas for problem solving, and learning through others.



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