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Yoga Therapy - Gentle, therapeutic yoga for therapy in Bloomington IN - Indiana.

Yoga for Therapy
Quality of Life & Alternatives in Therapy

 Yoga as therapy takes a wide-angle view on each individual, addressing not only the more obvious physical issues but also underlying factors which affect health and wellbeing such as habitual movement patterns, lifestyle choices, stress and anxiety, and mental outlook. Yoga Therapy sessions provide gentle, personalized therapy to heal or recover, and offer a lifelong means of self-care. With guidance from a yoga therapist, yoga is safe, gentle, and appropriate for a range of conditions and life-circumstances

Therapeutic yoga is a means to create a positive change not only in the physical body, but by improving overall quality of life. Yoga therapy is unlike physical therapy in that it is not solely based upon the 'doing' of techniques and exercises, or 'fixing' a specific issue—instead, a person is viewed as a whole. Regardless of your perceived abilities or inabilities, we would like you to experience the subtle and sometimes dramatic effects of yoga therapy, both in body and sense of wellbeing. 

The therapeutic benefits of yoga and increased mental awareness gained in practicing yoga on a regular basis are well documented: alleviating or managing chronic pain, reducing side-effects of cancer treatment and supporting recovery, restoring or maintaining range of motion, improving balance or easing rigidity and spasticity associated with multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's. With regular sessions and a self-care practice, yoga has been shown to be beneficial in reducing stress and anxiety, as well as lowering blood pressure and improving sleep.

Supportive Yoga for Therapy

Yoga therapy and long-term programs are provided in-home by a C-IAYT yoga therapist specializing in yoga therapy for neurological conditions and movement disorders, therapeutic rehabilitation, chronic pain management, and disability. Being in a wheelchair or homebound are not limitations to receiving therapy and the benefits of yoga: Yoga Therapy sessions are provided at the client's location in Bloomington Indiana and local area.

Sessions are tailored to the individual and are highly customized to the client's therapeutic needs, physical ability and current circumstances. Clients complete an initial, comprehensive intake session including medical history, physical assessment, lifestyle, and substantial discussion and question-answer time in order to better understand the person as a whole. Going forward, clients follow up with the yoga therapist after each session, as well as discussing the effects and perceptions of the previous session(s) and independent self-practice. A client's personal commitment and interest in self-help are expected, and are an intrinsic part of healing.

Yoga Therapy for Neurological Conditions

We specialize in NeuroSupportive Yoga Therapy. Neurological conditions and movement disorders present long-term challenges that often surpass the reach of conventional therapeutic intervention. Symptoms are varied and unpredictable, ranging from imperceptible to profound , and may include cognitive impairment, gait disturbances, vision disturbances, chronic pain, muscular weakness, joint contracture and muscle spasticity, abnormal sensations (paresthesias), and depression or severe anxiety. Clients living with multiple sclerosis (MS), Parkinson's (PD), cerebral palsy (CP), ALS, Huntington's (HD), partial paralysis, epilepsy, or with neurological impairment or deficit due to injury or stroke receive long-term therapy from an experienced C-IAYT yoga therapist rather than intermittent, short-term courses of therapy from various providers. This ensures that each session builds upon the next, providing a continuum of care and support. Simplicity and personalized therapy are key, with an eye to improving or sustaining day-to-day wellbeing and quality of life. Yoga Therapy sessions are provided in-home in Bloomington for ease and convenience.

COVID-19 is not simply a respiratory virus. Neurological symptoms are increasingly being seen as both harbingers of the disease, and as a consequence of the disease. Due to the immune system's strong reaction, COVID infection may cause inflammation that can damage the brain and nerves. It may affect the entire nervous system, including the brain, spinal cord and nerves as well as muscles. Please ask us about Yoga Therapy for post-COVID therapy and our proactive efforts to provide support for 'long-hauler' syndrome(s), or  post-acute sequelae of SARS-CoV-2 infection (PASC) such as muscle weakness, unresolved chronic pain, and debilitating fatigue. 

Yoga Therapy for Cancer & Recovery

Yoga Therapy for Cancer & Recovery is focused less on the physical body and more on restoring a relationship between the body and mind, increasing quality of life and providing a means of gentle self-care for those with cancer or in remission. Yoga Therapy gives each person the opportunity to heal through the use of yoga as a therapeutic—rather than clinical—intervention. For those undergoing chemotherapy or radiation, yoga can help ease pain, anxiety and other side-effects of cancer treatment. 

Yoga Therapy for Chronic Pain

Restoration Yoga Therapy - Gentle, therapeutic yoga may ease or help in the management of chronic pain due to physical injury or long-term condition. A study supported by the National Institute of Health NCCAM showed markedly positive effects of a regular yoga practice on pain perception and tolerance, as well as improved pain coping mechanisms. Anxiety and stress can significantly contribute to chronic pain through holding patterns and physiological and emotional changes associated with long-term caregiving, trauma, unresolved pain issues after injury or surgery, or unaddressed consequences of living with neurological conditions.

NeuroSupportive Yoga Therapy may help in managing pain associated with neurological and neuromuscular conditions. Regular sessions and commitment are necessary in order to maintain long-term benefits, however yoga therapy  can be a significant part of pain management when turning to non-pharmaceutical interventions. According to a national analysis of pain by the National Institute of Health NCCIH: 


"Pain is one of the leading reasons Americans turn to complementary health approaches such as yoga, massage, and meditation—which may help manage pain and other symptoms that are not consistently addressed by prescription drugs and other conventional treatments."

Scoliosis & Chronic Back Pain -  Yoga Therapy has been shown to be highly effective in reducing back pain. A meta-analysis of clinical yoga studies for yoga and back pain concluded: 

The practice of yoga can decrease pain and increase functional ability in patients with chronic low back pain. Yoga may be considered an effective treatment for individuals with chronic low back pain that are seeking non-surgical intervention. 

Yoga Therapy for Rehabilitation & Range of Motion

Therapeutic Rehabilitation: Gentle yet moderately challenging yoga therapy for neurological conditions such as post-stroke coordination and balance issues; maintaining walking ability and proprioception, visuomotor skills, range of motion in multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's, cerebral palsy. 

Surgical Recovery: Amputation, back surgery, knee and hip replacement, rotator cuff. Restricted range of motion due to scar tissue and adhesions, muscular atrophy, joint contracture.

Supportive Yoga Therapy


Second Nature Yoga Therapy™: Yoga Therapy is good for the body and mind, while nature has an undeniably wonderful effect on state-of-mind and overall sense of wellbeing. Yoga therapy, nature therapy, and movement are part of these sessions.  

Mindful Mentoring & Yoga Therapy for Women: Women face tremendous expectations, as well as personal challenges and changes common to us all. Mindful Mentoring provides individualized support, yoga and therapy in a safe, non-commercial environment. 


YogaTherapy Options in Bloomington IN - Indiana.

Strength does not come from physical capacity.

It comes from an indomitable will.

__Mahatma Gandhi


Yoga Therapy Options

Customized Yoga Therapy - Individual yoga therapy and rehabilitation programs focus not only on recovery and the physical aspects of therapy, but on long-term wellbeing, resilience and quality of life.

NeuroSupportive Yoga Therapy - Supportive, in-depth yoga therapy with a whole-person approach to the multiform aspects of living with a neurological condition or movement disorder.   

Yoga for MySelf: Yoga Therapy for MS - Yoga therapy focused on the many challenges of living with multiple sclerosis including balance issues, fatigue, spasticity, chronic pain, and anxiety.

Simply Yoga: Yoga Therapy for Parkinson's - Yoga therapy providing range of motion, gait and balance exercises, coping with freezing and anxiety, and maintaining visuomotor ability for those with advanced and early-onset PD.

Yoga for Wellbeing: Yoga Therapy for Cancer & Recovery - Gentle, supportive yoga therapy for those with cancer, in the recovery process, and in remission.

Amplitude Yoga: Yoga Therapy for Amputees - Specialized yoga therapy for amputees and amelia.

Yoga Therapy for Scoliosis & Chronic Back Pain - Yoga therapy for idiopathic and degenerative scoliosis, as well persistent, unresolved back pain.

Yoga Therapy for Sleep -  For those experiencing chronic sleep issues, something as simple as a carefully guided yoga therapy session while lying down (Svasana) can bring sleep and serve as a long-term self-practice for assisting in falling asleep.

Restoration Yoga Therapy™ - Yoga therapy to ease anxiety and let go of patterns which may cause chronic pain. Offered in-residence as well as the workplace.

Second Nature Yoga Therapy - Yoga therapy as gentle movement therapy, combined with the opportunity to walk-and-talk. Helpful for those who need supportive motivation to move, whether due to chronic pain, fatigue, or concerns due to balance and gait issues.

Yoga Therapy for Women - Offered as part of Mindful Mentoring for Women

Food for Thought Yoga Therapy™ Yoga therapy, nutrition, and support for women of all ages who need a foundation for facing, or recovering from, an eating disorder. Supportive therapy with an experienced yoga therapist may be beneficial in reducing overall anxiety and creating an outlook of compassion, rather than judgement or criticism, for oneself. Therapy is offered in conjunction with Whole-Person Nutrition and Mindful Mentoring.

Comprehensive Therapy Programs - Customized therapy programs incorporating yoga therapy to provide both active and assisted forms of therapy, as well as long-term, supportive therapy. Contact us​ for details regarding extended therapy programs and alternatives to long-term rehabilitation and physical therapy in Bloomington.

Specialized Yoga Therapy Groups ​​- Specialized yoga therapy modules are offered on a limited basis and are led by a C-IAYT yoga therapist. Each module is tailored to meet the therapeutic needs of a specific group. Group sizes are limited and follow the standards set by the International Association of Yoga Therapists. Each module includes 12 group sessions, 3 individual yoga therapy sessions, as well as an intake session and follow-up.

Yoga Therapy at Your Location


We provide ease in accessing all of our supportive therapies: Yoga Therapy sessions are offered at the client's location in Bloomington IN at no additional travel charge. Please note that physician referral and an administrative waiver are required if meeting in a clinic or hospice setting. 


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